Hewitt's Meat Processing, Inc.
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Years attest to the superior quality of Hewitt's meat products!

In 1939, located in the farmland of Marshfield, Wisconsin, Marvin & Crystal Hewitt started the Hewitt's Meat Processing company with an idea of producing products of the highest quality sausage and smoked meats. Throughout the years the family has continued the tradition of a perfected curing and smoking process that is second to none, and it has been proven by many awards, honors, and recognition. 


Wholesome country farm fresh meat products for your family & friends!

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Welcome to Hewitt's!

Hewitt's dream was to always have a good product that everyone could enjoy at an affordable price. This tradition is carried on today, by the Hewitt family with outstanding results. Hewitt's use only the finest meats to process and smoke their products. Farm raised and fresh sealed in every package!